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Our primary goal is to serve you to the best of our ability by offering top-quality products and exceptional customer support. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on your business, helping it thrive and grow.

Our unwavering commitment has always been to deliver top-tier software products. We hold ourselves to the standard that we would only provide you with a product that we would use in our own business.

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Main Products Of PepoCloud

Manage your business in a smart way using the latest technology


Effectively manage your employees data, time sheets, payroll, and company announcements in a smart way using PepoCloud.

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Easily enter client information and assign an entry to an employee. Attach files to share with any entry. Easily add or delete entry or send mass emails with personalization with one touch.

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Your employees can record time and you can see the progress of all the projects real time. Share files with your project members. Export the recorded time of each employees for each project to CSV.

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Record your camera, screen, camera + screen, or audio only and share them immediately with others with a click of a button. No need to mess around with any settings. Everything is pre-defined.

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Keep all your employees records in one place

You can manage all your employees data and files in one place. Also, you can email or schedule email without jumping around different tools.

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Manage Your Customers In A Smart Way

Manage your customers in a smart way using the latest technology. Attach relevant files for each customer entry. Easily send emails individually or all together. Invite your employees to collaborate.

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Simple yet effective way to manage your projects

Assign tasks of your projects to your employees. You can see the progress, number of tasks completed and the total time spent on your project with a click of a button. Your employees can record time while working on a task with our in-built time recorder. Also, you or they can add comments to any task they are working on.

Export all the recorded time of your employees on every tasks of a project to a csv file. This will show not only the time duration but also start and end times of each time recorded.

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Just Click A Button To Start Recording Your Video

As simple as it sounds, just click the Record button, and PepoRecord will start recording your camera or screen as per your selection. All the settings are already coded for maximum optimization so you do not have to mess around with any settings either. You can share the recorded video with others easily with a link.

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Read trusted reviews from our customers

This is a small sampling of the eclectic array of our clients' reviews.


Mario Suntar

CEO at WoodBows

PepoCloud has everything our business needs. We can manage our employees data, clients data, as well as projects. We used to spend a lot of money to do all these things. After signing up to PepoCloud, we save a lot of money and get a way better quality products.

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Stephen Jay

CEO at Charis IT

We love all the PepoCloud products, especially, PepoPeople serves as an all-encompassing assistant for the company, streamlining HR tasks through innovative features such as daily timesheet that provide notifications for employee arrivals and departures, setting it apart from others. This convenient tool facilitates the management of clock-ins, securely stores crucial documents, and monitors work hours, ensuring seamless calculation of payrolls.

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Peter K

CFO at AppTecHub

PepoRecord enables me to effortlessly capture and share screen recordings with voice-over explanations in a matter of minutes. Sharing is a breeze - I can simply copy and paste the link in under 5 minutes! The amount of time it would usually take me to coordinate a screen-sharing session with my coworkers or team through slack can now be reduced even further by using this app to quickly record and share a loom. I absolutely love it!

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Joanna Webb

Doctor at Joanna Clinic

The return on investment and cost-to-benefit ratio offered by Pepo CRM are unparalleled. It possesses the essential features needed to efficiently manage the sales and marketing divisions of small to medium-sized B2B/B2C businesses, all without incurring substantial costs. The platform is exceptionally user-friendly, and new salespeople typically experience a short learning curve, usually lasting no more than a couple of weeks with daily use.

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Christopher Thomas

Sales Manager at TrinityWired

Our developer team within the organization fully leverages PepoSmart to its fullest extent. It plays a pivotal role in task assignment, enabling us to establish a seamless workflow. With its tracking capabilities, we can easily determine when a task was created, who it is assigned to, whether it is in review or already completed. In a collaborative workspace, a reliable software like PepoSmart is a true lifesaver, helping us avoid chaos. We are genuinely pleased with our use of this software.


John Miller


PepoCloud is the type of software that, over time, seamlessly adapts to your work style and aligns with your specific needs. Its high level of customization and versatility caters to a wide range of users. I highly recommend it for employee management, client data management, email campaign, video/screen recording, and time tracking, as it surpasses other software with similar features.

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